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Resume Review

If you do not already have a resume, we recommend you create one. You will find a number of great templates to choose from online. We suggest you continue to update your resume throughout high school. Not only will having one help tremendously when you are completing the Activities section on your application, but you will also find that college admission and scholarship interviewers will often ask you to send one in advance of your interview as well.

Give your resume to a family member, classmate or a friend and ask them to briefly skim it.

  1. What is the first thing their eyes go to?

  1. What information do they think is missing, unclear, or misleading?

  1. Did they find any misspellings, punctuation missing or incorrectly used, or formatting (including fonts, use of bolding/italics/underlining) that is distracting?

  1. Have them ask you two questions based on information they found on your resume. Provide 30-45 second responses.

Based on feedback you receive:

Are there edits you can make to improve your resume?

Take some time to search online to view other templates and layouts. Is there a different option you believe will help tell your story more effectively?


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