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Throw a Dart, Drop a Pin

If you were to throw a dart at a map of the United States, or enter coordinates into Google Earth and drop a pin online somewhere in this country, you would find a college within 100 miles where you could get in, meet a friend for life, engage with a professor who would support and encourage you, pick a major you would enjoy, and plug into a campus community where you could build a network and thrive during your undergraduate years and beyond.

Give it a shot! (Just promise to be careful if you choose to blindfold yourself and throw darts.)

Let’s pretend you dropped the pin on your house’s location.

Draw that same circle within 100 miles. What are your options?

What if we expanded that to your entire state? Any state that borders your state?

Go online and search for the alumni magazine and student newspapers from some of those places. These are great resources, not only when you get into visiting colleges or making a final college choice, but also as you seek to keep an open mind and a broad perspective. In these publications, you will read countless success stories, relationships that started on campus, and interesting, caring faculty and staff who make that school an absolutely incredible environment to learn, grow, and explore.

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